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Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Insurance Solutions
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Commercial Insurance

Insurance provides peace of mind in today’s volatile business environment. You can depend on Runyon Insurance Services to address risk management and minimize loss potential that is inherent with unexpected business exposure.

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Professional Insurance

An inevitable cost of doing business for some practitioners, professional liability insurance protects your assets and keeps your career successful, but can have a costly effect on profitability.

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Employee Benefits

The rising cost of insurance and today’s unpredictable economy put a greater degree of pressure on business owners – especially those owners who want to sustain health-care benefits for their employees. programs

About Runyon Insurance

Runyon Insurance Services – Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Insurance Solutions
"Protecting your business assets is no small matter"

Serving the Las Vegas community for the past 25 years , the principle at Runyon Insurance Services, Keith Runyon, has established a reputation for meeting client expectations and delivering comprehensive, cost-effective insurance products for a variety of businesses. He understands the challenges that face today’s business owner and recognizes that a “one-size-fits-all” approach won’t get the job done. Instead, he specializes in providing unique solutions for a diverse group of corporations, institutions and individuals on a local and national level.

"Protect What You've Built"™

Keith Runyon

Keith Runyon has devoted over two decades to honing his expertise and providing quality insurance products for a wide variety of businesses throughout the western United States. As an independent insurance agent, he consistently brings a competitive edge to the market with cost-effective insurance solutions.

Jake Runyon

Jake handles the agencies small commercial clientele and employee benefits business. Jake is a life-long Nevadan and grew up in the insurance business. He had an active childhood playing various sports including soccer, football, baseball, basketball and tennis.

Stephanie Anaya

Account Manager
Stephanie is a native of Southern California and relocated to Nevada in 2007. Stephanie has over 10 years experience in the insurance industry. She joined Runyon Insurance Services in 2010 where she is an Executive Account Manager. Stephanie provides clients with knowledgeable service.