If you are in business, insurance is a given. You have to have it, so the only question you have to ask – who will you choose to provide it? Who will you choose to protect the valuable asset you have built?


Today, more than ever, business owners are faced with tough decisions regarding business expenditures – in particular their insurance expenditures. Runyon Insurance Services specializes in providing cost-effective asset protection and risk management for business owners. As an independent agency – Runyon is not bound by the proprietary product lines of a single insurance company – it can diligently evaluate a company’s specific insurance needs and customize a comprehensive, cost effective plan that fits the unique needs of each business owner.

Insurance provides peace of mind in today’s volatile business environment. You can depend on Runyon Insurance Services to address risk management and minimize loss potential that is inherent with unexpected business exposure.

We think of ourselves as your strategic business partner – whether you need to provide adequate coverage for lease liability insurance, professional liability insurance or personal property insurance, we will identify your potential for loss exposure and provide the coverage you need.